4 PSS Booklets

Date:  Saturday, 24 November 2012

“My adolescence and I”, “Self-awareness”, “The others and I”, “The Future and I”:

MHP also printed 500 copies of each of these booklets which were launched in the Annual Arab Book fair, in addition to all other MHP’s resources which were named as the PSS (Psycho Social Support) toolbox:

All the MHP resources released during the past 6 years were presented in The Annual Arab Book Fair:

  •  Arabized “Where there is no Psychiatrist”
  •   Arabized “Everybody has Mental Health” Manual
  •  “Mental Health Resources in 9 Arab Countries” Pack:
  1.  Directory of Psychosocial & Mental health Programs in 9 Arab Countries
  2. Bibliography on Mental and Psychosocial Health
  3. Report on the Status of Mental Health in 9 Arab Countries

  •  Youth and Healthy Living Pack “Sahti Bil Dunya”
  • Together We Work & Learn: Building a Youth Project in 6 Steps
  •  Psycho-social support Booklets:
  1.  My adolescence and I
  2. Self-awareness
  3. The others and I
  4. The future and I
  •  MH in the Lebanese legislative system
  •  MH in the Palestinian legislative system
  •  MH Policy & legislation In Lebanon, Palestine and Egypt systems CD
  • Training for Transformation Volume 1, 2 and 3
This event was promoted:
  • In As-safir newspaper: As-safir is a leading newspaper in Lebanon, it is considered as the most read and sold newspaper in Lebanon. It is also well known in the Arab countries, and has reporters all over the world.
  • Via our MH Facebook page
  • Invitations sent to ARC’s 1234 mails of its mailing list
  • Via our website
  • In the book fair manual
Success story: As-safir reporter Miss Malak Maki wrote an article about MHP PSS toolbox launching in As-safir newspaper. 
The article was also posted on our Facebook page and mentioned in the MH electronic newsletter.