About ARC

ARC’s Vision:

Towards a society of social justice, freedom and equality where each human being has the potential to build his / her capacities and to convert rights into a lived reality across the Arab world.

ARC’s Mission:

To work, along with partners, on knowledge production and ownership, on the development of human resources, on the enhancement of participation, networking and advocacy culture and practices, and to focus on the activation of child and youth rights in society.

ARC’ Approach:

To realise its mission, ARC bases itself on:

  •  The Holistic, Integrated, Inclusive, Participatory and Empowering Approach (HIIPEA) for:
    • Defining needs and objectives, and programming
    • Critical and creative analysis
  •   Partnerships that activate the collective mind and enhance collective ownership
  •   Communication with other actors and appraisal of efforts with the aim of strengthening sustainability and accumulation of knowledge and experiences.

Strategic Objectives:

  • ­   To promote the Holistic, Integrated, Inclusive, Participatory and Empowering Approach
  • ­   To reclaim the regional dimension and to orientate towards new countries
  • ­   To associate with social change

ARC’s Slogan:

“For the Development of Knowledge to Translate Rights into Reality”