Report of the second regional consultative workshop, which worked on the approach and reviewed projects and networking in Arab countries.

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The report of a second consultative meeting on youth work, targeting young people aged 13 to 19.

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Report of a regional workshop convened in November 1998.

(See also the special issue of Ma’an and Haq-qi).

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A Programming document of the joint Initiative meetings, London, May 2003.

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This guide targets science teachers and those concerned with science curricula in schools. Rather than dealing with traditional teaching in the classroom, the guide explores issues related to health at home and in the community, proposes activity sheets, and puts the emphasis on the role of children within the family and the community, and with other children. Published jointly with UNESCO.

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Book-1: Training & Evaluation Resources. Contents: the central idea and its applications; the “six steps”; approaches to learning and teaching; how to use the CTC readers; how to run a workshop.

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Book-2: Activity Sheets. Contents: how to use the activity sheets; 38 activity sheets in 8 different sections on various health and other issues. 1997.

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This manual is of three volumes and consists of five sections:

  1. Concepts and principles of CTC
  2.  Working with children through CTC
  3.  Planning, evaluation, documentation and  fundraising
  4.  Training of field workers and trainers on the CTC approach
  5.  Resources.

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Indicator in Monitoring and Evaluation Approach in Child-to Child


Available on the website and on a CD 


Books, films, newsletters and other resources on childhood programs, child rights, early childhood, child-to-child and special needs. This bibliography is an important scientific source for research and for the production of material addressed to educators, teachers, parents, fathers, mothers, animators, facilitators, childhood specialists, and even children and youth. It includes 372 entries.

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