Active Learning Pack: A Guide for KG Teachers

Concepts and activities for children between 3 and 6 years old

The first collection consists of 11 chapters dealing with independent and correlated topics in the context of the holistic integrated approach for early childhood care and development. Each chapter starts with a definition of theoretical concepts related to the topic of the chapter. The definition is followed by a translation of these concepts into learning objectives to be achieved by the teacher with the children through activities. The suggested activities in every chapter are samples that serve as a guide for the teacher and that can be modified – if need be – in order to fit the particularity of the environment, the age group, as well as the availability of resources and materials.

This kit addresses those working in the field of early childhood care and development.

-          It contributes in providing information about the characteristics of children in this age group based on recent research.

-          It tackles active learning and promoting the principles of the holistic integrated approach.

-          It suggests appropriate methods and styles to activate the learning process. 

The kit was published by the Welfare Association and the Arab Resource Collective under a joint program for training practitioners and trainers in the field. Developed by Dr. Basma Faour, with Rabih Rizk and the "kit" team

(15$) – 2007

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