Child Protection in Organizations

Policies & Procedures Toolkit. How to Create a Child-Safe Organization

The toolkit aims to provide organizations, especially in developing countries, with a set of tools and techniques that enable them to develop policies and procedures to be adopted and followed in order to protect the child. The development of this toolkit is in response to growing concern by international and local organizations in many countries about the levels of child abuse occurring within both international and local organizations. It is a practical learning tool and set of resources designed for non-governmental organizations/civil society organizations, particularly in developing countries, who are working with children. It outlines and examines both the key principles and issues relevant to child protection, and also the stages needed to develop, implement, monitor and evaluate child protection policies and procedures. The toolkit can be used by those holding general executive positions in an organization, or by a designated person or group within the organization in charge of child protection issues. The toolkit includes:

  •   Information and guidelines on recommended principles and steps related to the development of child protection policies and procedures within the organization
  •  A set of practical exercises designed to provide appropriate training to help their users understand and take forward each of the mentioned steps
  •  Guidance notes for facilitators to enable use of material contained in the toolkit for training purposes

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By Elanor Jackson and Marie Wernham
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