Early Childhood Counts

A programming guide on early childhood care for development

It is a guide about the importance of early childhood care and development approach that teaches us how to invest in young children and how to build programs and strategies in order to invest properly in the human capital later on. Early childhood care and development involves parents and decision-makers in a constructive action of social planning and participation, as they work on improving the circumstances of children care and living conditions. The guide serves to spread the culture of capacity building for individuals, families, communities and nations. It also teaches us how to help children learn throughout their lifetime, earn a living and participate in their society.

The guide consists of seven parts discussing the main principles of early childhood development and care programs, needs assessment, goals and objectives of these programs. It also tackles the issue of making a choice about practical approaches, collecting pieces and parts and putting them in place, the evaluation process, as well as costing and financing issues.

(390 p.; 20$) 

By Judith Evans, Robert Meyers and Ellen Ilfeld. Coordinated by Ghanem Bibi and Rana El-Sughayyar Price:  $20.00 دوﻻر أميركي