Helping Children in Difficult Circumstances

A book on the importance of the relationship between the teacher and the student; the impact of conflicts, violence and difficult circumstances on children; and how to support children and adolescents

This manual is intended for teachers working with children in violent and severe circumstances. It helps to identify and understand the impact of wars and social violent strife on children's feelings and development. Experience showed that it is useful in helping all children and teachers in their daily work.  It is a step towards efficient ways of supporting children who have been through violent and severe circumstances, with an emphasis on the teacher's role. It is divided into 9 sections and includes a list of useful references.

(39 pages; 5$) (out of print) 

Prepared by Naomi Richman, Diana Periera & others; translated by Alia Shanaa and Qassem Saad.
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Price:  $5.00 دوﻻر أميركي ISBN:  1-870322-42-8