Introduction to Psycho-Social Booklets

Youth & Healthy Living Pack

14. My Adolescence and I

15. Self Awareness

16. The Others and I

17. My Future and I

The four booklets aim to shed light on the rights of adolescents, promote their abilities to claim them and translate them into reality and knowledge, thus providing them with trust, comfort and learning required for successful education and employment.

The booklets focus on adolescents’ participation and contribution in exchanging ideas, information, knowledge and resources, as well as capacity building, self-protection, self-confidence, self-identity, acceptance of others and achieving ambitions. These resources will help adolescent participants to acquire life skills and self-confidence, and develop ideas, resources and programs targeting them.

(108ges; 10$) 

Prepared by: Zena Awad Edited by: Ghanem Bibi
Price:  $10.00 دوﻻر أميركي