Kitab Assaha Lil Jamii - Where There is No Doctor

A village care Handbook

The worldwide most commonly used health care reference.

It is the second expanded Arabic edition of this reference that covers many varied health topics, focuses on the importance of hygiene, healthy food and vaccination, discusses topics of childbirth and family planning, explains the prevention of common and serious health problems, and devotes a chapter for children and older people health and how to address it. The book includes 23 chapters with glossaries and useful references: home cures and popular beliefs, disease definition, how to examine a sick person, how to take care of a sick person, healing without medicines, use of modern medicines, antibiotics: what they are and how to use them, how to measure and give medicine, instructions and precautions for injections, first aid, health and nutrition, prevention: how to avoid many sicknesses, common sicknesses and health problems, serious illnesses that need special medical attention, skin problems, the eyes, the teeth, gums and mouth, the urinary system and the genitals, information for mothers and midwives, family planning or having the number of children you want, health and sicknesses of older people, the medicine kit, etc..

(486.; $ 20) – 2005

By David Werner with Carol Thuman and Jane Maxwell; Developed and reviewed by: May Haddad and others; Managing Editor: Ghanem Bibi. Price:  $20.00 دوﻻر أميركي