Mental Health for All

Mental Health for Young Men & Women

It is a practical guide for those working with youth in the health and social fields. The translation of the original Norwegian version was adapted and revised with the participation of many professionals working with teenagers, mental health institutions and experts. Many adjustments were made to suit the circumstances of Arab communities, meet the needs of this age group and address current challenges.   

Adolescence can be exciting and frustrating at the same time. It faces youth with many tough choices. Thus, this guide is an important resource, because:

It expands information about youth facing psychological and social challenges, and how to deal with these challenges in better ways through exploring themselves by thinking, experimenting and interacting with peers. It provides a variety of activities that enhance abilities and skills of expression, communication, conflict resolution and cooperation. It covers three crucial basics for building a healthy life during adolescence and in later stages.

The guide includes an introductory part and three units:

  • A guide for professionals working with youth between 13 and 16 years old
  • unit 1: 13-14 Self Awareness
  • unit 2: 14-15 The Others and I
  • unit 3: 15-16 My Future and I

(197pages; 20$) 

Arabic version development and preparation team: Zena Awad, Dr. Ghassan Issa and Ghanem Bibi ,Revised by Zena Awad. Price:  $20.00 دوﻻر أميركي