Special Needs and Integration


Compiled and revised by Smar Al-Yassir from the Arabic edition of David Werner’s “Disabled Village Children”

An illustrated handbook for parents and those working with children. 

(82  . 21x29.5 cm. $5)


Compiled, revised and designed by Samar Al-Yassir, from the Arabic edition of David Werner’s “Disabled Village Children”.

This book presents principles, information, examples and exercices, activities and tools for rehabilitation relevant to the needs, capacities and environment of children with cerebral palsy.

(10421 x 21.5 cm. $10)


El Ouahabi, Fatima; Sabil, Khadija; McIvor, Chris; Carey, Joan.


Providing knowledge and practical experience in how mentally disabled children learn.

For teachers, parents and rehabilitation workers.

(30817 x 24 cm. $15).


A practical guide for paraplegics, quadriplegics, their families and friends, as well as for therapists, offering useful information on how to manage problems and challenges of daily life after the onset of paralysis.

(10313.5 x 19.7 cm. $5).


A practical, illustrated guide to the construction of a variety of aids for disabled persons at home, at work and at play.

(73  . 21 x 28 cm. $5).


Sophie Levitt, Healthlink Worldwide (formerly AHRTAG)

This illustrated manual can help disabled and non-disabled children learn how to move through

playing with other older or younger children.

(68  . 21 x 28 cm. $5).


The aim of this illustrated poster-pamphlet aim is to assist in identifying disability in its earliest stages, and in seeking support.

Compiled, revised and designed by Samar Al-Yassir from the Arabic edition of David Werner’s “Disabled Village Children”.

(A folded poster of 8 pages, 21 x 29.5cm. $1).


Compiled from David Werner’s “Disabled Village Children” by Samar Al-Yassir and Ghanem Bibi, and revised by Farid Antoun.

(2p. 21x42 cm. $1).


The glossary combines the work of tens of people in the fields of early childhood, child rights and youth. It is an ongoing project that still requires testing and expansion to which all beneficiaries can contribute. The glossary is divided into an Arabic-English list and another English-Arabic one. It includes around 1000 entries.

(35 p; 5$)